Some people think that all the family members should raise children (e.g., uncle, aunt, and grandparents) rather than only parents. Give your opinion

Some individuals believe that in the upbringing of kids, all the elders from the family should play the role same as the
because it's helpful to inculcate moral values and for learning from different life experiences. I strongly agree with
viewpoint and the essay will discuss its benefits of it. Attitudes have a great place in everyone's life which can be taught by the family, only
are not responsible because they cannot live 24 hours with children,other elder individuals from the family
spend time with them and they can teach them so much.
For example
, a survey conducted in 2021 and the results showed that youngsters who were living with their grandparents were more sensible and well-behaved.
, all elders are required to establish the teens as good human beings.
In addition
, everyone gains experience with time and young ones can learn to handle situations by getting inspiration from their guardians' adventures. if only
are raising the kids
there are not adequate practices that can be taught to them, on the another ,side if the whole family is taking care of them
they can be more practical towards their journey. It can be seen in an example of an Italian girl who solved a puzzle among 250 same-aged kids and shared her story afterwards and told about the recollection she did
solving it from her uncles' experience shared with her. In conclusion, I believe that nurturing children requires every person's support from family for moral values and good practical learning. All members should play an equal role as their
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