Write a letter to your friend who you recently travelled with to a foreign country. Include • Why you enjoyed the trip • What you are doing now • An invitation to visit you now

Dear Johnny, How are you? I hope you have had a good rest after the long journey
month. I am so glad that we travelled together to Spain. It was one of my best trips yet. I really enjoyed eating the authentic foods,
not to mention
the seafood paella. It was succulent and spicy! I
loved the architecture of the city. Those ornaments on the facade of the buildings were so sophisticated and beautiful! Anyway, those fun times have passed now. I am currently back in Melbourne working. It is
a boring day-to-day activity. Especially when my boss keeps yelling at me for not performing to his ridiculous standards, and my junior cannot stop listening to his loud music without headphones! I really wish I can escape
really soon. There is a long weekend coming up
week. Would you like to come and visit me? We can plan a small trip to explore the Western Melbourne area. I hope you are free during that week. If you are not, let me know your availability. Take care for now and write back soon. Kind Regards, Sam
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