Being a celebrity-such as a famous film star and sport personality-brings problems as well as benefits. Do you think that being a celebrity brings more benefits or more problems?

era of modernisation, everyone wants to become a superstar.
, it has been always a topic of discussion that the famous
of a film star or a sportsperson brings advantages or disadvantages for that personality.
essay will discuss how an individual has to face the problems of being a renowned character in the terms of
and safety.
To begin
with, a popular star or a sportsperson has to compromise for their private
, because of their popularity.
For instance
, the media of any country take interest in the figure's
and activities more than anything and they want to search for everything about that person, when they publish the information,
there is not any hidden information or
remaining for the figure.
, these days lots of newspapers and magazines want to write books and articles about popular personality's
, so famous personalities can not hide their information or secrets.
, the media plays a crucial role to provide every little word about the renowned characters, even during their visiting
. So, the whole world knows about the activities of their favourites and sometimes it proves as a benefit for the haters.
For example
, every single famous personality has fans
as well as
haters too, some people are in the favour of their favourite celebrities and a chunk of folks are against those ones popular. If strangers will know about the trips and tours for the famous human,
there are higher chances for them to hurt the celebrities.
, there is not any safety or
for the renowned individual.
To conclude
essay discussed that
lifestyle brings danger in the terms of
and safety for every figure. In my opinion, I
admit that
growth style brings problems for the film star or sports individual as compared to the benefits.
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