Some people believe that social media sites, such as Facebook or Twitter, have a negative impact on young people and their ability to form personal relationships. Others believe that these sites bring people together in a beneficial way. Give reasons for your answer and include any relevant examples from your own knowledge or experience. Write at least 250 words.

Social Media
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an online platform that brings the public together, to discuss various topics and exchange their views. A few
sites are Facebook and Twitter. There are both positive and negative effects of using social platforms and I believe the disadvantages outweigh the advantages. In the essay, I will discuss both views. Starting with the positive perspective, it is agreed that communication media is a great tool to discuss and exchange opinions, make new relationships and get trending news. It
gives a feeling of staying in groups. As per a research report, socializing with a community is beneficial to
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mental stress. It
gives us a chance to voice our point and encounter inspiring content from different people.
For example
, the TEDx page on Twitter has almost 10 million followers, who are viewing the productive videos of experts in various fields.
, utilizing networking websites is beneficial for the youth to advance their careers. Contradicting the above view, many critics accuse the online community of spoiling the habits of young people. Time is valuable and irreversible, especially for the youth in their budding stages and cannot lose it at the stake of enjoyment. An excerpt from Research studies that on average, youth spend about 4 hours scrolling through Facebook and Twitter pages. These useless activities can be nullified and used
for focussing
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to focus
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on achieving goals.
In addition
waste of time, teens are a sweet target for the anti-social elements aiming to spread propaganda.
For instance
, these biased communities create disturbing information targeting to attract teens to join them in their campaigns.
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, it is suggested to avoid the usage of online platforms.
to sum up
, there are more disadvantages to browsing social media than advantages. But an individual can definitely
get benefitted
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by deviating from immature, poisonous content by joining good platforms that help to build a career
of moving towards self-destruction.
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The essay addresses both perspectives on the impact of social media on young people, providing relevant examples and reasons to support the writer's position. However, the argument could be further developed and supported by more specific examples and details.
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The essay has a clear logical structure, with an introduction, body, and conclusion. The ideas are mostly well-supported and connected, but there are moments where stronger transitions and connections could be used to enhance coherence.
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