It is expected that there will be a higher proportion of older people than young people in many countries in the future. Do you think it is a positive or negative development?

It is estimated that most countries will soon face the problem of an ageing
essay will explain why I believe
is both a negative and a positive trend. 
To begin
with, senior citizens have experienced more failures and successes than young adults, so they are more aware of the factors that contribute to success and failure. If there are more and more older generations in society, young
can learn from their past experiences and avoid making similar mistakes,
reducing the time spent trying different methods to some extent.
, young
can work more effectively by learning from others, which can boost output
as well as
the economy.
For example
, some companies are more likely to hire senior employees, so they can benefit from their successful experience, especially in the medical field.
, a high proportion of the ageing
is a huge burden on society and the family. Young
not only need to take care of their nuclear family but
their older family members. Apart from that, they
have to work, which makes it difficult for them to balance everything. For a country, an increasingly ageing
means a decline in the young workforce and a lower proportion of the workforce. The pension of senior citizens is a major financial burden for a country, and older
are more vulnerable to illness than the younger generation.
, with the increase of the older generation, the pressure on the health system will become more severe. In Japan,
for example
, many elderly Japanese live alone, with no one to take care of them, and some may not even be aware of their family members when they die. In conclusion, based on the above analysis and evidence, an ageing
brings both benefits and disadvantages. All nations must face
problem in the future.
, countries around the world should pay much more attention to
problem and try to find solutions to
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