You borrowed an important textbook from a classmate last term. You now realize your classmate has returned home overseas and you still have a book. Write a letter to him/her. In your letter -apologise for the mistake -find out how important the book is to him/her -say what you will do

Dear Tom, Hope you are doing well! I wanted to inform you that, I successfully graduated from my college
month, especially, thanks to your textbook and you.
, I wanted to apologise for not returning the Marketing coursebook on time, as per my promise. Honestly, my grandfather got sick and I urgently had to rush to another city for visiting him. Recently I realized that I've not returned you the book back and you have left the country. Since I know
textbook is very crucial in terms of the information it has and on top of that the handwritten notes that you've prepared inside it.
, I wanted to know that do you need it on an urgent basis or if you can wait for a
. As I'm planning to visit your city
September. Anyways, if you want me to courier it, I can send
straight away,
, I'll bring it with me when we'll be meeting. Let me know, how sooner you want it. Once again sorry for
inconvenience, I'll be waiting to hear from you. Warm wishes Yours truly
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