Write a letter to an electronic company requesting information about their latest model of digital camera you have seen advertised. Ask about the following items The price and availability of the new camera The exact size and special functions the set have

Dear Sir/ Madam, I am writing in connection with the newest digital camera I just saw via the impressive advertisement on Channel V yesterday. I am very keen to know more information from you. It looks like a production with hi-tech and is very user-friendly, which is quite attractive. I understand that the electronics are normally pricey, so could you please share what is the exact amount of
new product? Especially for the pro version in pink colour.
In addition
, I wonder when it will be available for users to order from the online store.
, I would be more than happy if you could give me more detailed information on the dimension of each version (Normal versus Pro) so that I could have a comparison and
decide which is more suitable for me.
, are there any functions applicable to the Pro version
in particular
For instance
, is it resistant to water? I would appreciate it if you could inform me at your earliest convenience. Yours faithfully, Eason
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