Write a letter to your friend, •You have relocated to a different land. •Informing you have joined a course. •Why this course will be helpful to him.

Dear Kai, It’s been a long time since we exchanged notes about our current situation. I hope you and your family are doing well. To start, it’s been 3 months since I moved from New York to London.
, it was very daunting, but now I seem to have gotten used to
lifestyle. If I know you well, you are itchy to ask me why the transition. You know I have been procrastinating in pursuing
studies. Well, I
decided to go ahead with the dream of acquiring a master’s degree in marketing. If you ask me, you should enrol on
course, more so, because you have all the required practical experience.
, you lack academic qualifications
Remove the comma
show examples
and trust me
course will help you achieve them. I am running a bit late for my lecture,
, will have to end
note here, but hope to hear from you. See you soon, Manni
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