Most people do not care enough about environmental issues. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

Preserving the environment is a fundamental duty of everyone. Destroying the ecosystem will change numerous aspects of the environment and global warming and deforestation are the more concerned issues. In my opinion, human beings are not very scrutinised for these issues and contribute to global warming and air pollution all over the world. On the one hand, the main culprit of global warming is the melting of glaciers of polar regions of the earth which is the direct effect of the increasing temperature of the globe. Burning and using fossil fuel in factories and as a source of energy in our homes and cars by people are the integral reasons for higher temperatures.
For instance
, the exhausted gases of vehicles that Are used for private work can be eliminated by many individuals to suppress the increment of heat in the world.
, few of them deal with it.
, more concern can decrease environmental hazard effects.
On the other hand
, forests with a multitude of trees produce oxygen meanwhile absorb carbon dioxide that plunges air pollution. Deforestation by humans lowers the air oxygenation
that is
ignored by those and
ignorance destroys the habitats of many animals and plants and eliminates ecosystem integrity.
For example
, a survey shows that one-third of rainy forest regions in equatorial zones is cut down in the
20 years.
As a result
, 10 species of flora and fauna extinct which caused a 1 C rise in global temperature in
period. In order to save more species and the environment deforestation should be banned. In conclusion, I reiterate that caring about environmental issues can save our planet and every individual has liability for
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