You are working overseas in an international company. You are leaving the country in an emergency. Write a letter to your friend. Apologies for leaving like this. Explain what happened. Tell them what you are going to miss about working.

Dear John, Hope
letter finds you in the best of health and spirit. I'm writing
letter to inform you that I have come back to my country to settle my family's crisis.
, I tell so sorry for leaving the country without giving any information related to the situation. I wanted to meet with you before leaving the nation because of my busy schedule I never inform you. Speaking to which,
night my mother called me and tell the situation of my father. He is hospitalized and his condition is very critical.
Apart from
, I am the only child of my parents and I support them in that difficult circumstances. That's why I'm quitting the country in a short period. Though I'm leaving suddenly, I would like you to know that it was a pleasant time to work with you as I had a great experience in the past three years in Australia.
, I had great learning and enhance knowledge to improve my skills which are helpful for my career. Let's stay in touch, and I hope to meet you soon. Warm wishes, Eva.
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