Advertising discourages people from being different individuals by making us all want to do the same and look the same. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

Advertisement has become a business now. All the companies use different platforms and tactics to advertise and attract the general public. In
regard, social media has played an important role.
, I completely agree with the statement that people follow trends and want to look the same. In
essay, I will try to discuss different reasons why is it so. First of all, social media
as Facebook, Instagram, youtube etc have become the platform for marketing products which is easy to access for the wide majority now.
, on Instagram, these companies are now collaborating with individuals called "Influencers" to advertise their products.
For example
, when a company launches their new product they send free samples to these influencers that in return make a video for them and post it on different platforms to attract the public. So, when people watch their videos and saw different popular personalities using them, they
want to look the same and follow the trend.
On the other hand
trend results in several negative impacts on society.
, by
trend people are now losing their identity.
, everyone wants to look like a celebrity and a perfect body shape, colour, and skin has become popular ultimately resulting in depression, stress, and anxiety issues in young adults.
, it's a waste of money. It's a common concept among the public that if they wear more branded clothes, they will look rich and upper-class.
To conclude
, I agree that advertising discourages the public from being different individuals and in my opinion, the internet and social media are the main reason behind it. It is affecting individuals in several negative ways.
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