some people say that the main environmental problem is loss of some plants and animals.others say that there are some main enviromntal problems.discuss both views and give your opinion.

Loss of particular animals and plants and other environmental problems is a debatable issue.some crowds argue that the extinction of species is the most concerning issue at present.
, others believe that there are more crucial ecological problems.
essay will discuss both views and give reasons why I believe that some other critical environmental issues are more important.
To begin
with,the loss of some plants and species is happening
due to
ecological changes,
as wildfires and storms.More than these factors,
is happening mostly because of human involvement.Society is cutting a large number of trees in order to make household furniture.These can result in deforestation and may lead to an imbalanced ecosystem.
can be prevented by creating awareness among the community .
For instance
, in many countries government initiated punishment for hunting wild creatures and cutting trees.
, some people think that there are some other environmental problems that need immediate attention.
For example
, air and water pollution become a major issue currently days.Our quality of air declined
due to
the increased number of vehicles on the road and factories expelling polluted air into the atmosphere. Our rivers and other water sources are polluted with plastic wastes and other industrial chemicals.
Due to
many humans and animals face serious health issues.I think that all environmental hazards should be noted and taken care of immediately.In my point of view,the concerned government should not give permission to start any industries without proper waste management setup. In conclusion,maintaining our plants and creatures is important,but some other environmental issues like pollution need to sort out immediately.
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