The Influence of human beings on the world's ecosystem is leading to the extinction of species and loss of biodiversity. What are the primary causes of the loss of biodiversity ? What solutions can you suggest ?

society play a huge role in the lives of a few animals and the leading issue of losing biodiversity. There are some causes which
and in
essay, I'm going to discuss that causes and their solutions. First and foremost, many
believe that the citizens are
of the leading causes of the loss of biodiversity and
of the main reasons will be the cutting of trees.
In other words
, humans' mindset of building more infrastructures is hugely affecting the natural areas.
For example
, the parks in the city consist of a certain amount of living creatures
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developed their food habitats and
made their home. Meanwhile, humans' mentality of creating buildings,markets, and Industrial purpose places will indulge them to destroy the parks and
ruins the life cycle of small creatures.
, if
thought process starts to differ, Like ,
of malls and large apartments built in every area, I think we should have only
for 5 to 6 areas, so that there will be space for the natural environment to sustain.
, It can help, not to contribute to the extinction of species.
another major influence by human beings will be
. Especially air
is a leading crisis which
have control over, but specifically not doing anything large to prevent it.
For example
, In recent years, with the development of technologies and the growth in the economy, large job opportunities are available and
are purchasing all types of vehicles
of using public transport to go to their jobs.
As a result
, air
has widely increased which directly affects global warming, leading to a reduction in biodiversity. The solution to
will be completely dependent on governments, to introduce a rule to the citizens saying , that there should be at least two riders compulsory per bike and 4 riders per car.
will stop families from using
car per person and there might be some downside in the number of traffics
as well as
. It is a big step though but, together we can strive to protect our environment.
To conclude
, it is true that humans have a greater tendency to affect the environment by cutting down trees, building more malls and buildings and contributing vastly to air
. It can be solved by
reducing the use of a single vehicle for
person and trying to use public vehicles more and
preferring to travel an extra mile to the malls and any other places
of preferring the near ones which can destroy habitats of many creatures.
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