Some people think that using mobile phones and computers has a negative effect on young people’s reading and writing skills. To what extent you agree or disagree.

Along with
the boom of technology, electronic devices play a vital role all over the world.It is believed that mobile phones and computers bring a detrimental effect on youngsters in the reading and writing fields.In my opinion, not only do electronic devices bring convenience but it
a problem.
essay will
delve into
subject. On the one hand, teenagers easily access mobile phones and tablets
due to
the big storage to memorize information conveniently. Most citizens need computers for searching data and contacting their friends or parents.In fact, some schools allow students to learn by laptop or iPad
of books,paper, and notebooks.Students simply learn new knowledge,things, and methods by searching on the Internet to improve their reading skills…If you utilize it suitably, it will bring many benefits to your study and life.Individuals can value a technique like their notebooks, which have many tools for them to write, read and listen.Using Technology help you to contact new culture and new pupils from other countries.
,Learning by Ipad or Phone
protects the environment.
On the other hand
assume that Some youths are addicted to electronic devices for their entertainment without learning.They spend all day playing games or chatting or watching youtube.It will be detrimental because they can’t control themselves to learn.
, It brings a negative effect on their learning and writing skills.
For instance
according to
the Guardian, adolescents are too lazy to brainstorm;
, the internet becomes a tool for them to search for their homework.Some information on the Internet is not the truth; as the result,It will badly affect the children's mindset and skills,because they trust the wrong knowledge.A lot of children are shy to communicate with bored or sad,they will use youtube to find happiness.By watching videos, they don’t want to read so it really affects dramatically their reading skills. In conclusion,
Mobile phones and computers bring a negative effect on children, I am of the opinion that it
benefits them in many ways in modern life because of their convenience
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