It is important for people to take risks, both in their professional lives and their personal lives. Do you think the advantages of taking risks outweigh the disadvantages?

In our life, unexpected situations usually happen to us; we have to make a decision, and the decision always comes
along with
consequences which we have to bear that possibility in order to solve the problem. Even if we already plan that action, it is still not guaranteed that the situation will become as we expected 100%. It is a normal event that occurs to everyone; not only in our daily routine but
in our working routine.
, those risks have both pros and cons. Generally speaking, it is crucial for everyone to face the possibility. If we always stay in our safe zone, we will never be able to try new stuff, improve our life, or get new opportunities. It makes us grow up; we have to learn from our mistakes and make improvements. It may start with little things
as we want to go diving. We know that accidents may happen, but we still want to experience new stuff, and enjoy our life. If we do not want to start our business because we are scared of the uncertainty we have to take, our dreams will never come true;
, we will never know our capabilities.
, there are other people who say that we should not take risks because the drawbacks may be so severe that we can not handle them. If we do not want stuff that we do not have, we do not have to take the possibility of losing the things we have. For ,example if we use our savings to chase our dreams, and it fails, we will lose all those money. If we go climbing the cliff, and fall off, we will have to pay for the curing fee;
in addition
, we may cause trouble to our family and others. In conclusion, some people say that we should take risks in order to try new things. Never think that we can not do it if we have not tried it yet.
On the other hand
, some argue that it is not worth enough to take the uncertainty. From my point of view, I would rather face the consequences than do nothing, and the advantages of taking the risk overcome the disadvantages.
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