There have been some problems with the bus servicing, especially its reliability, in your area over the last two weeks. Write a letter to the manager of the bus company, in your letter: Describe what the problems are Explain how these problems are affecting you Suggest what you would like the company to do

Dear Sir or Madam, I am writing
to bring your attention to irregular
services for the
two weeks in the Kudasan area. I generally take the 8 AM
to reach my workplace in Ahmedabad but often buses are not on time and are always overcrowded.
In addition
to that, some buses do not stop near designated
Due to
, passengers who board a
do not find a place to seat and are forced to stand in the middle aisle with their heavy bags;
, they feel exhausted throughout the day and their productivity decreases exponentially.
, It is very risky to travel with excessive passengers than the specified limit.
, I am requesting you add more buses to existing routes and direct them to be on time. If
Change preposition
show examples
, there are any unwanted circumstances
inform passengers very well in advance so they can arrange their own. I hope you will consider my suggestion. Yours faithfully, Kishan
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