You have recently bought a piece of equipment for your kitchen but it did not work. You phoned the shop but no action was taken. Write a letter to the shop manager in your letter: •describe the problem with the equipment •explain what happened when you phoned the shop •say what you would like the manager to do

Dear Sir or Madam, I am writing
letter to express my dissatisfaction in regards to a juicer that I purchased from your store. I booked it on 10th March and
, received that item within three days.
it is quite expensive and cost us 25000/-, it does not work accurately. The invoice number is #1234. When I went to your shop, an employee categorise
juicer as of premium quality, which excites me to buy it.
, turned into disappointment, as soon as I initiated operating it for making juice. Its body is of low-quality plastic, and
, it is not durable at all. Not only
, blades present in a medium-sized jar are not cutting the fruits appropriately, which leaves an awkward flavour during its intake.
, despite having a registered complaint by calling your shop, no action was taken. Without a doubt, they guaranteed to sort out
in a week but failed to do so, which forces me to write to you. Since
practice provides a lot of inconvenience to me if possible replace
juicer within two days.
, I want a full refund as soon as possible. Awaiting a quick response from your end. Yours faithfully,
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