You are working for a company. You need to take some time off work and want to ask your manager about this . Write a letter to the manager . In your letter: •Explain why you take time off work •Give details of the amount of time you need •Suggest how your work covered while you are away

Dear Sir or Madam, I am writing
letter to request you for allowing me some days off from work. I want to take a long vacation from the office because my grandmother is severely ill and I have to go to India to see her soon . I am
planning to take the flight tickets for next week . I highly apologize for it but I have no other choice except to visit my home country . Actually, I decided to spend at least two months with my family because I have a strong connection with my grandmother. I do not want to come back soon until my grandmother will get well soon . So , it could be better if you will give me leave for eight months. I know that you will be worried about the work that I do daily . Fortunately, my friend has advanced business skills and I firmly believe that he will give his best in our office . He is a smart boy and you should appoint him soon in our workplace. If you are interested ,I will send you all his personal details on your contact number . I hope that you would give me a leave for long days
as well as
hire my close peer to my position . I am eagerly waiting for your response soon. Yours faithfully , Rahul Sharma.
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