One of your penfriends wants to improve his/her English in advance of moving to Sydney. Write a letter to your penfriend. Advise him/her about the following: listening skills, speaking skills and vocabulary. You should write at least 150 words. You do NOT need to write your own address. Begin your letter as follows: Dear ...,

Dear John I heard that you are moving to Sydney and want to improve your English. I can give you some pointers as I have taken some improvement classes in the past.
, you should emphasise improving your listening skills. I would advise you to watch Australian movies to better understand their accent and common phrases.
technique helped me in learning Spanish
planning a trip to Cuba.
, to communicate properly, you should work on your speaking skills. You feel disabled if you are not able to present your needs or requirements in a verbal manner. One way to improve the same is by speaking in English with your friends and family. Another aspect is to be able to speak your mind, for which, you should have a good vocabulary. I see people have a hard time portraying their ideas because they lack the knowledge. Reading books and magazines on the topics that interest you would be highly recommended. I hope these points help you to better prepare for your trip. For more advice, feel free to drop me a line. All the best, Jane
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