Some feel that movies and tv shows are a good way to study history despite their lack of historical accuracy at times. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

some historical movies and
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series have misleading information, many agree that they can be a great tool to teach others. I totally agree with
statement, and
essay will provide some supporting claims.
maybe the most essential aspect would be popularising other cultures and traditions in history movies and series, leading to a surge of curiosity. The storyline in those media can encourage people to study in detail, especially famous figures, which is an integral part of the human record.
For example
, recent popular dramas about the Qing dynasty and their kings have become global which resulted in the translation of historical books into many languages.
curiosity led many tourists to visit The Forbidden City, resulting in economic benefits for The Republic Of China.
, films can be more entertaining and eye-catching to the audience, particularly children, which inspires those who are entertained. Nowadays, the young generation is becoming less and less interested in written context since it is one the most boring activities for them;
in contrast
, video contexts can reach and teach them more.
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A recent
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popular English series called The Crown can be a great case of
; since it aired to the public, the show helped The British Monarchy’s reputation in the UK and the rest of the world. The young population has expressed that their recent sympathy is deeply related to the show itself; even though
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makers added dramatic events and lines that were not accurate, those viewers would quickly acquire the facts through the internet. In conclusion, some misinformation in movies and TV shows is not a serious problem, considering the abundance of sources on the internet.
, it can be a motivation to learn about culture
entertaining the viewers.
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