Topic: Some people think that cities are the best places to live. Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of living in a big city.

Nowadays people are more inclined towards living in
areas than living in rural.The reason for
is that moving to a developed area has the benefits of better employment and education.
there are pros there are certain drawbacks like health issues.In
,essay I will discuss both aspects. The biggest advantage of living in a developed nation is you have a number of job opportunities and higher wages when compared to working in a small sector.
For example
,companies like Tesla,Infosys, and Google provide their
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with additional benefits and
make their working lives more flexible and comfortable.
In addition
to the above , the Education system is more advanced in these areas and
children are benefited and exposed to the latest technologies.They become more confident and their communication skills are more enhanced which we cannot appreciate in a child being taught in a rural school.To illustrate,young individuals who studied in
colleges and schools are well-settled and have advanced English speaking skills because they are taught using modern technology.
there are advantages of staying in
life,there are certain drawbacks.Pollution is one important issue.As the majority of the population travels by car it creates pollution in the atmosphere and
as a
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individuals develop health issues like Asthma and allergies.
For instance
,it has been reported there is a rise in the number of asthmatics in developed nations because of the pollution from motor vehicles.
,there is no natural air as forests are cut down to build buildings,so the greenery of the nation is lost.
To conclude
life brings better income and jobs to individuals,but health issues and the lack of natural beauty of the motherland are lost in constructing large companies and homes.
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