You have seen an advertisement from a couple, who live in Australia, for someone to teach their two children your language for a year. Write a letter to the couple. In your letter explain why you think you would be suitable for the job say what else you could do for the family give reasons for wanting the job

Dear Sir or Madam I am writing
letter to regard an advertisement in a newspaper that you are looking for a tutor to teach your child.
I am searching for a career which is related to the care of children,
in addition
, I could help them to progress and develop.
In other words
, knowing pupils is an important consideration.
, I am a psychologist and I have studied at the best college in the metropolitan in Australia. I worked in the nursery for at least three years so I have strong experience.
On the other hand
, my expertise learn music is that I could teach it to your children
as well as
I am interested in designing gardens and trees so that I can transfer
science to your child. The reason for my request for
job is that I have been given an IELTS certificate so I am passionate on immigrate and work in Australia. I look forward to hearing from you soon. Yours faithfully, Amirfarzam Shokouhalaei
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