You have bought some clothing online and are not satisfied with your purchase. Write a letter to the company that you bought the clothing from. In your letter Give details of the purchase Describe the problem Explain why you need a replacement urgently

Dear Sir or Madam I am writing
letter to express my annoyance when I purchased some clothes by smartphone and explored on the web but I do not have delight.
nowadays, individuals are involved in work and life
as me so I do have not enough time.
, I will go to a significant conference held in Europe, I extremely needed to suit and a shirt so three days ago, I had to look for good quality and
I found out my suit exists on your site which was a good colour.
, when it reached me and I put them on so a shirt fit but unfortunately, it is very tight and did not use suitable material.
In addition
colour is different to something that I will want to buy in my mind. I would be grateful if you could replace my suit because I will be having a speech at the conference
as well as
, your company is renowned that
trouble leads to damage to your company name. I look forward to hearing from you soon. Yours faithfully, Amirfarzam Shokoualaei
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