Writing task 1 (a letter) Your local council is closing the children’s playground in your locality as not many children visit the park. Write a letter to the council requesting not to close it. Include the following in your letter: – How important is the playground for children? – Why don’t children go to the playground? – What can be done to bring children back to the park?

Hi Sir/Madam , I'm writing
letter after
Verb problem
show examples
about the closure of the children's playground ,
, I understand
decision is
due to
the building materials thrown between the playground and the newly constructed building but, that does not mean there are no alternative solutions for that matter, I hope will decision will be changed for opening it again. As it is the only place that people in the neighbourhood have for their kids to play and have some cheerful times , it does not make sense closing it now ,especially summer holidays going to end just
month so, taking
joy from them is really a disgrace. Children are in love with
service because of the wide range of activities that presents for them,
, there are no near alternatives for them that they can count on. Eventually, I would suggest as a solution at least opening the park in the afternoons, at least there are no workers at that time so no worries about them or, equipment for the construction could be transferred to another place. With best regards, Yousif.
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logical structure
Ensure the letter has a clear structure with an appropriate introduction, body, and conclusion.
greeting and closing
Use proper salutations and sign-offs in formal letters. 'Hi' is informal and 'Sir/Madam' should be followed by a comma, not a space.
single idea per paragraph
Include a single main idea in each paragraph and use cohesive devices to link paragraphs smoothly.
complete response
Address all three bullet points from the task fully to achieve a higher task achievement score.
suitable writing tone
Maintain a consistent and suitable tone throughout the letter. Avoid informal language in a formal letter.
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