In the future, it may be scientifically possible for people to live for 150 years. This could be good for individuals but it may have negative consequences for society. What are the benefits and risks of people living to 150

With the ongoing research and development in the world of science, there is a possibility of an increase in the average lifespan of human beings enabling them to live till 150 years. It can prove beneficial to mankind as they can enjoy a longer life with their families
contributing their bit to the community.
, old age can raise problems
as a lack of caregivers and facilities to support the elderly.

 Life is wonderful and it is evident from the fact that it provides numerous experiences to an individual starting from birth till death.
is the reason, folks just don't wait for death
they try to live as much as possible by building comfortable homes, earning handsome money and seeking medical help when needed.
For instance
, my uncle has a sandwich shop which he is running at 80 because of his passion for cooking. He does not want to shut it off because he has
one lifetime to do what he is most passionate about; which is feeding people his delicious sandwich. If the lifespan increases to 150 years, folks will get the opportunity to enjoy their time in
along with
serving their community.

, ageing is not fancy for many as they do not get enough help either from their family or from the government. An increase in the maximum living age of people will proportionally increase the need for caregivers, putting a lot of burden on the government.
For example
might create pressure on the medical sector requiring regular medical attention, hospital beds, and expert doctors to deal with old age-related illnesses. Since
requires a great deal of planning and improvement in infrastructure, it doesn't seem the world is ready now, to take care of senior citizens till they turn 150.

 To summarise, it is fascinating to live in a scientifically advanced time where possibilities are endless.
with excellent research it might be possible to live till 150, there are some positives and negatives associated with it.
expansion of lifespan opens up options for folks to enjoy more moments with their family.
, the issue of a lack of caregivers can essentially challenge the government to improve elderly-friendly infrastructures.
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