Foreign visitors should pay more than local visitors for cultural and historical attractions. To what extent do you agree or disagree with this opinion?

There has been much discussion surrounding travelling. It is supposed that travellers from outside the country should be imposed higher pay than local tourists.
, I totally disagree with
due to
some reasons. It is true that when foreigners decided to visit a country, they have already spent on a variety of expenses.
For example
, obviously, these individuals need to expend on their flight to those countries,
as well as
accommodation, food, and means of transport.
, if they are required to pay more for discovering an attraction, they may feel that the money they use will be too much and unreasonable.
In addition
will partly impact the quality and reputation of that nation's tourism.
, if the spending on historical sites of abroad travellers is higher than those of the citizens, it will cause an imbalance in treating their tourists. Because when these people have the same experience but those in other countries have to pay more, it will make the individuals who are not local feel unpleasant.
, they might not visit that places anymore and the revenue of those will decrease gradually.
In addition
, because these sites will spread and widen the culture and tradition of its own country, so the government should encourage visitors especially foreign ones to come there. In order to do that,
, the price must be affordable and equal to every person,
together with
more campaigns and programs to promote the number of guests to those destinations In conclusion,
some people believe that the price of attractions of culture and history should be raised for abroad travellers, I argue that
is not a great idea to develop the tourism of the countries
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