International sports events could contribute greatly to peace and stability in the world.Do you agree or disagree?Support your opinion with relevant examples.

Much debate has arisen as to whether international business events are in fact beneficial to the earth. Of course, there are numerous advantages that
events may be able to offer elements
as funding, entertainment, and business opportunities. Yet, would it benefit individuals to the point of leading to world peace?
essay will discuss both sides of the debate and I will conclude with my own personal opinion.
To begin
with, it is undeniable that international sports gatherings do allocate significant recourses. Indeed, the majority of individuals of different ages and backgrounds love sports. People can earn money from selling items relating to sports teams
as shirts, autographs, and especially the host country for the tournaments.
For example
, the countries that host these business games receive various advantages
as new facilities, higher income from selling tickets, and promotes tourism in the nation.
, the saying that play brings people together is proven correct. By the same token, these social gatherings do provide stability for some nations in the world.
, there are a number of citizens who believe that it only makes wealthy nations wealthier not worldwide stability. Despite the number of benefits, it is inaccurate to claim that it would
result in world peace. To clarify, there are countless issues worldwide that are impossible for play events to solve.
For example
, third-world countries benefit from
gatherings only a little to not at all, it does not reduce the rate of crimes, nor provide education for youngsters. To summarize, my view is that
athletic games can be a positive factor for each and every individual, it does not provide a long-lasting effect worldwide.
it is clear that
the idea that it could bring peace and stability cannot be supported.
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