Nowadays, many schools use computers during classes as a way to motivate children and to teach them IT skills. How important is it to teach children to use computers? Do you think using computers in class is a good idea? - You should write at least 250 words - You should spend around 40 minutes on the task.

Much debate has arisen as to whether using computers during school hours is in fact beneficial to young individuals. Clearly, in contemporary ,society the technologies are much more advanced compared to prior times. By the same token, it may be possible for the youngster's generation to live in an even more technological environment in the future. Yet, is it necessary to use
machinery during classes?
essay will examine both sides of the discussion and I will conclude with my own personal opinion.
To begin
with, on the one hand including the learning of technology in modern school's curriculum could provide a long-term benefit for students. Given that students engaged in computers from a young age, they are already familiar with basic programs.
, it would be unfortunate to not train them in more skills that will certainly be needed in their
, youngsters who are gifted in their IT skills could pursue careers in the same field with the help of a teacher's guidance.
, parents and other citizens believe that it should be an optional activity rather than the school's requirement. For the following reason, they believe that it does not matter as much as other subjects or survival skills. Another key point is that most parents grew up in a different environment than current generations, which leads them to consider the so-called machines a waste of time.
, it could distract their children from learning.
For instance
, some young pupils might play games or do other activities with the assistance of computers. To summarize, my view is that considering how evolution can and will happen
Correct word choice
show examples
the only thing humans can do is adapt or die.
, learning IT as insurance for students is a must.
On the other hand
, using electronic devices during classes other than computer subjects might not be a good idea. Recent studies show that screens can damage your eyes and skin, especially youngsters.
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  • motivate
  • IT skills
  • enhance
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  • engagement
  • digital divide
  • instant feedback
  • assessment
  • computer literacy
  • organizational skills
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  • innovation
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