Nowadays, certain problem are rising because of rising in number of citizens in the major towns of the world. Discuss about the issues and solutions to overcome it.

Nowadays, several issues are increasing
due to
the rising population in the major urban areas of the world.
essay is going to discuss the issues caused by
phenomenon and suggest various solutions to be taken to improve the situation. There are a variety of different problems with
To begin
with, in terms of environmental pollution, if a city has too many people, it can be polluted by more rubbish and emissions.
For example
, in Ho Chi Minh City where I am living now, there are around 10 million residents. Most of them use private means of transportation
as motorbikes or cars, which makes the air not fresh, and dusty. Another significant problem to mention is that rate of crime might increase because a popular city will attract many people to come, which leads to a lot of problems
as theft, quarrel, etc. Despite these circumstances, there are various solutions to solve the problems.
, an effective measure would be to upgrade the living standard of rural areas or the countryside.
For example
, there should be more schools and universities with more equipment and better teaching staff with new teaching methods.
As a result
, students will not need to move to other cities for study.
, the government will reduce 50% tuition fees of university programs for those who study in their hometown. The second measure would be for governments to create more jobs, factories or companies in the suburbs, which can attract civilians to stay and work there.
For example
, the government might build some factories or farms, and hire workers to work inside them.
, they can lend civilians a budget to help them create a business on their own. In conclusion, the problem of citizen numbers is unlikely to be entirely eliminated in the short term.
, various actions can be taken to tackle the issue to reduce the impact it is having on the current society.
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