You have bought furniture from a store. When you received, there were some damages. Write a letter to the concerned store manager. In your letter, you should: Give information about the furniture. Explain the damage Ask the manager to solve your issue.

Dear Sir or Madam, I have bought a brown leather sofa from your store. I purchased it for $90. Unfortunately, I am writing
letter because I have some issues with your delivery service. To start with, Some of your employees delivered the item to my house in Backward Street number PK09, yesterday at about 6 p.m. I am really sorry to bring you that I am disappointed about the service you provided since I found a torn on the back of the couch which I am pretty sure that the furniture was completely fine when I bought it.
, it has been a week since I bought the furniture, and the delivery service is very low.
, I would like you would act concerning
matter. I still have the receipt from the day a paid for it. I hope I receive a refund soon or be replaced by a new brown leather sofa. I am looking forward to your action. yours faithfully, Faten Daas
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