In some countries, younger people are neglecting their right to vote. What problems does this cause and what are some of the possible solutions?

It is argued that in certain nations youth are not using their right to ballot.
would hinder political change, and it would
result in policies made that are not beneficial for these young people. The most viable solutions would be to create awareness among the younger generation and promote them to participate in politics. Not participating in elections would mean that it would be difficult to change the government which is necessary for some countries across the globe.
is because, in any functional democracy, the only way to differentiate the ruling party is by casting votes in the electoral process.
, if young individuals forge their right to choose, it would result in policies made that do not benefit them.
As a result
, they would feel that the state is not addressing their concerns and end up leaving the country.
For instance
, every year thousands of young adults from developing countries immigrate to Europe and North America because they are unhappy with their government’s performance. One way to tackle these issues is to inform these people about the power of the vote. Campaigns should be held in universities, and colleges to educate youth about their political rights. Another solution is to promote these young people to come into politics. Doing
would ensure their representation and their voices being heard.
For example
, Nelson Mandela was a young political activist who successfully fought against racism and became the first black President of South Africa. In conclusion, neglecting to vote by the young generation would delay the necessary government change, and laws made that are not in their favour.
, encouraging youth participation in politics and awareness campaigns can be a possible solution to tackle these problems.
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