Your local council is considering closing a sports and leisure that it runs in order to save money Write a letter to the local your letter Give details of how you and your friends or family use the centre Explain why the sports and leisure centre is important for the local community Describe the possible effects on local people of the centre closes

Dear Sir, I write to you because of the information
that is
going around the town on the possible closure of your sports and leisure centre. I wish to plead with you to reconsider because that place has become part of my friend's and family's daily routine which we usually use to exercise daily and watch sports when there is a fixed match.
, The centre is of great importance to the community because most villagers make use of the open courtyard to conduct their wedding receptions
due to
the fact that it is large and has beautiful flowers that give shade.
, After the
lecture given by the Ministry of Health in the village square,many individuals now partake in quality exercise there,
if it is closed down,they will have no option but to stop exercising which will in turn lead to a high level of health issues and obesity. I look forward to getting positive feedback from you and I thank you for your continued efforts in making sure everything is well-organised in the community. Yours faithfully Elisha Chidinma
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