You had a minor accident at work, and you got injured. According to the company rules, you must report it to your manager in writing. Write a letter to your manager. In your letter describe what happened and your injury; explain what the result of the accident was; suggest a way to avoid similar accidents in the future.

Dear Mrs Handerson
is Mhasa Hassani from the accounting department with employee number z27249. I am writing
letter to inform you of a little accident that happened to me 2 days ago on 25th March
I was using the stairs. In the morning that day, I was walking down the stairs when I slipped and fell over. That happened
due to
the wet and slippery condition of them because they have been cleaned only a few minutes ago. I have bruises on my both legs and swollen wrist which does not allow me to take a pen or write something for a few days.
company has hundreds of employees who communicate through the floors regularly and it can be hazardous if we are not careful.
I want to suggest that cleaners can do the cleanings in the evening when everyone leaves so no one gets hurt
way anymore. Thank you Mahsa
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The Closing

The style of the letter determine how you have to close it.

Check out the suggested closing sentences for each type of letter in the General IELTS Test. The closing sentence should be the last sentence of your letter.

Formal style (To someone you have not met, whose name you don’t know)

  • Yours faithfully,

Semi-formal (To someone you may or may not have met, whose last name you know)

  • Yours sincerely,

Informal (To someone you know well, whose first name you know and use)

  • Best regards,
  • Warm wishes,

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