You want to hold a surprise party for a friend who is visiting his home town after a long time from a foreign country. Write a letter to a common friend asking for his help in organizing the party and in your letter: Write the reasons for organizing the party Describe when, where and how you would be organizing the party Ask your friend to meet you in person for further discussions

Dear Navid, I just heard that Majid will be in the city tomorrow. Since we haven't gathered together for almost three years, I think it would be great, if we hold a surprise party. In
way, we can have fun and talk about the old days. As Majid will probably be tired after a long trip, let's organise a party for the next Friday evening. I think the best place would be your building's roof as it has a wonderful view. You just ask him to come over, and when he is there we shout surprise! He may be stunned by the plan.
, tomorrow I want to go to the city for some shopping. If you are available, we could have coffee in the Old Man coffee place in order to discuss the details of our plan. So, let me know in case you have spare time for the meeting. Best regards, Amir
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