In some cultures, children are often told that they can achieve anything if they try hard enough. What are advantages/disadvantages of giving this message?

Throughout history in some societies, parents and the educational systems have been insisting on the idea that any triumph would be attainable, if people especially children, keep themselves in touch with hard effort. There are pros and cons to
statement, and in
essay, I will discuss them both in detail. On the one hand, many communities believe nothing is far from achievement if there is strong measurement and action for the matter.
, when a young community learns to work hard, with a sense of gaining big prosperities, it would turn them into a non-stop society which never gives up until all the goals are achieved.
for example
, the idea of hard-working is very popular among the Japanese
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and its roots date back to their rich culture. After World War two was ended, they set up a goal to return back to their previous glorious time. Schools started to encourage their young generation to study and work hard so that they can build a powerful Japan once more. It was successful and Japan become the second-largest economy in the world next to the U.S. after just 4 decades.
, when a child believes in certain succession through hard effort, a deep sense of motivation will overshadow any distraction and difficulty in the process,
as a result
, in many cases, success would be inevitable.
On the other hand
, trying hard obviously would affect children’s both physical and mental health.
, attempting for an issue which is out of a person’s potential, might end in a catastrophic way.
For instance
, in some countries, a considerable proportion of suicides among high school students come from
In addition
to that, another negative aspect of
idea would be the suppression of youngsters’ talents
due to
insisting on issues which are not related to their natural capabilities.
To conclude
, encouraging children to work hard for achieving anything they want is a preferable recommendation in some cases.
, there are many drawbacks like mental damage which might affect an individual’s life forever.
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