Your friend has a baby recently and you bought a present for baby. Write a letter to your friend. In your letter: Describe what you bought? Why you choose the present? Suggest some arrangements to visit your friend to bring the present

Dear Sara, I'm so glad to hear about the new family member's arrival. Shen showed me some pictures of
. He is so adorable and I can't wait to meet you guys. Yesterday, I went to the nearby mall looking for presents for our dear
. I was so astonished to find out that there
Wrong verb form
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so many choices and I wasn't sure what to buy and
I saw a baby in a stroller playing with rattles. It was so colourful and he smiled each time when he heard the sound so I bought one for
. It's made of wood, so need to worry if he nibs on it. I
got him a baby hamper. I'll be around the city to visit one of my clients tomorrow and have thought of visiting you. If you are free, let me know I'll just drop by to see you, Alex and
. Take care. Looking forward to seeing you tomorrow. Best Regards, Green.
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task response
Ensure to fully address all parts of the task prompt in detail.
coherence and cohesion
Make sure to organize your ideas more clearly and use appropriate linking words to improve overall coherence and cohesion.
Topic Vocabulary:
  • hand-knitted
  • texture
  • personal touch
  • uniqueness
  • effort
  • warmth
  • proposing
  • casual
  • comfortable
  • acknowledging
  • hectic
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