International travel sometimes makes people prejudiced rather than broad minded. What may be the reasons for this? What can people do to improve their understanding of the countries they visit?

Nowadays, travelling is considered as getting an opportunity to know other people’s culture, history and nature. On the downside, international travel has
led tourists to become biased and cold
of being respectful and indulgent.
essay will examine the reasons behind
and suggest some practical solutions to improve their outlooks. One of the primary causes of aiding
negative outcome is overgeneralizing one’s culture, beliefs and manners. Many travellers usually take very limited time to spend in a particular country or region.
As a result
of that, they do not have much time to do research or find information on their visiting places.
For example
, in some cultures, trees, mountains or monuments are considered sacred but outsiders do not see any value or understand the meaning
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why these places are so invaluable to these locals. Another concern is that racism,
we are living in very modern societies, still has some shadows in society.
For instance
, black skin people who live in Asia or Africa are treated as suspicious or discriminated against
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. When these people travel to European countries they have to face many obstacles
as the number of investigations and ill-treatments. These kinds of prejudiced behaviours might destroy the ultimate object of travelling. To overcome these types of misbehaviours, it is vital to think broadly. One possible solution to
problem and make widen our mentality, is
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to do
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a little
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research prior to the trip;
, it is
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hard to
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the merits of visiting these desired destinations. Another practical solution is educating people about developing friendly manners with big hearts could
be eradicated
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the ego of prejudice. After that, every party can enjoy the fruitfulness of travelling around the world. In conclusion, international tourism has its negative effects which can lead to prejudiced minds.
, efforts in the right direction can overcome these concerns.
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