Write about the following topic: Some people believe that children should be made disciplined by making them obey rules and do what their parents and teachers want them to do. Others, however, believe that those children who are controlled are not well-prepared to tackle the challenges life brings to them. Discuss both views and give your opinion. Give reasons for your answer and include any relevant examples from your own knowledge or experience.

In recent years, it has been observed that younger generations have a lack of disciplinary approach. For that reason, some moralists feel that they should be taught to adopt basic disciplines since childhood
others believe that it could have repercussions.
, I will shed some light on both sides with reasons and examples, in the forthcoming paragraphs. On the one end, it is their family and educators' responsibility to make their children and pupils learn basic etiquette, irrespective of their location. If they are at home or school, they should know how to behave appropriately with others, especially with elders. Kindergarten,
for instance
, is one of the best ways to implant discipline in toddlers.
In addition
, parents should keep reminding them about their daily approach towards eating, sleeping, exercising, and dressing sense.
strategy will make them more educated about their existence. On the other end, it is commonly known that many teenagers who
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faced some sort of trauma or abusive behaviour in the past, can not able to deal well with life challenges.
, it is vital for the guardians to adore and pamper them
along with
teaching them hard lessons. The Times Of India,
for example
, recently published a study that shows 80% of youngsters are struggling to manage their well-being during their professional
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due to
past traumatic experiences.
, it is essential to teach them the value of good habits by being their best friends.
To conclude
, it is an adequate habit to learn basic routines since childhood, but at the same time, the guardians should make it smooth. In my perspective, children should be taught to learn life routines,
, that parents and teachers should love them equally, which will induce lifelong confidence in them.
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