Scientists and technology experts seem to be more valued by society than musicians and artists. What extend do you agree or disagree with that statement

There is a long-held conviction in our society which states that the paramount of researchers and computer specialists is considerably more significant than people who work in artistic areas. I firmly disapprove of that claim. As far as I am concerned, those two fields have an equivalent impact on our civilization.
, it is an undeniable truth that scientific pieces of knowledge and technological developments have done innumerable wonders for human life. Specifically, technology applications, especially household ones, have become irreplaceable parts that people cannot live without.
, the advent of technological devices assists
to thrive
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in thriving
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human-to-human connection, information research, productivity , etc...
In addition
, the provenance of those aforementioned magnificent inventions is science.
, scientific information,
as the law of gravity,
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and the
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water cycle,... is the foundation for the process of exploring the universe. Considering the imperative of that knowledge, scientists and technology experts certainly have a decent position in our society.
, Musicians and artists have contributed more than most people's awareness and conceiving. They are the ones responsible for comprehending the beauty
that is
ubiquitous. They are accountable for replicating those gorgeous creations in their production through whatever forms of art they are pursuing. Art has been nascent since the dawn of humanity, and its works have amazed humankind as long as its existence. On top of that, every nation on Earth has its own style of art, which serves as a way to represent the charm of that nation.
, musicians and artists have been refraining from the loss of cultural identity through their pieces, compositions, and paintings,... In conclusion, I wholeheartedly concur that designers and researchers should be considered and treated in an identical position and they all deserve recognition and respect.
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Topic Vocabulary:
  • valued
  • modern society
  • scientists
  • technology experts
  • musicians
  • artists
  • reliance
  • scientific advancements
  • practical benefits
  • driving economic growth
  • daily lives
  • culture
  • human emotions
  • express ideas
  • provoke thought
  • spiritual well-being
  • emotional well-being
  • preserving cultural heritage
  • subjective nature
  • diversity
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