Individuals should not be allowed to carry guns as it increases crime and violence in society. To what extent do you agree or disagree

There has been a lot of debate about legalizing
in the Western world. The discussion of whether there will be high crime rates if everyone is permitted to carry weapons is opinionated. I strongly agree that people should not be allowed to own or carry any form of weapon because of the damage it has caused over the years.
have done more damage than good. People no longer carry guns to protect themselves as the case should be, but they now kill for the fun of it.
For instance
, in the United States of America, there is no week that goes without a shooting taking place in a school, club, or somewhere where there is a public gathering. Most of these killings are currently done by kids,
is seen more out of anger or retaliation. The government is currently unable to control the situation.
, The crime rate has increased
as a result
of the ease of accessing these weapons. The
are getting into the wrong hands and street gangs are finding legal ways of owning dangerous
For example
, in the 70s Italian
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used their guns to terrorise New Yorkers,
was used to collect illegal taxes to
their drug sales and human trafficking.
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, people
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support lesser handgun control have argued that the way to stop the bad guy with a cannon is for the good guys to
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have a gun.
only increases the number of guns in society. In conclusion, I strongly believe that weapons should not be easily accessible by any individual. There should be stronger cannon control because the lives of every person matter.
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