Many peoplebelieve thay a university education is necessary for a good career. Do you agree or disagree? What other factors can contribute to a good career?

contemporary era, folks spend many years in colleges and universities to get
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a proper
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education regarding their future desires.
, some reckon that, to become successful in the upcoming time, a body needs to complete his graduation in an institution. Well, I partly agree with
notion and I am going to shed light upon my views in subsequent paragraphs.
To begin
with, if a human wants a good
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he should focus more on his creativity and general knowledge as these are the key features of
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a bright
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, a piece of good knowledge in a particular field can lead to many good opportunities, yet it does not matter how it is gained.
, practice on a regular basis can bring triumph in life, it does not depend on how it is done.
For instance
, a worldwide famous search engine, Google hire its employees by verifying their intelligence level not by checking the scores on their degree certificates.
On the other hand
, a proper academic background in a specific stream has various advantages.
, it can make an individual professional in his work by making him aware of the criteria used in any kind of task.
, it can make it easier for employers to know about the level of the person whom they are hiring for a job.
, if a person
is having
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good marks on the mark sheet, at that time, a firm can hire that person without any trouble or doubt.
For example
, a lot of businessmen face loss in their business just because of a lack of skills and education.
To conclude
, other factors which are responsible for
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a better
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upcoming life are
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having a proper sense regarding investing and financial status. It must include training
as knowing the proper rules of managing money and spending it on assets.
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