Some parents say that children should play individually more than in a group. Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of this and include your own opinion.

Childhood is definitely the best part of one's life and children have their own imaginations. Different kids have contrasting personalities, so a few of them enjoy being in the company of many kids
others love being in solitude. A fraction of parents prefer that their offspring should stay and relish alone. There are various benefits and drawbacks to
mindset . I will discuss both and
will eventually give my opinion. First of all, playing alone and enjoying your own company is important for every individual. If you are not happy with yourself, you will never be happy with whatever the surrounding world offers you. The same can be applied to children too.
juveniles are more confident and self-reliant as they know how not to depend on anyone else .
For example
, there is recent research in a university that shows that youngsters who have no siblings perform better when it comes to emotional independence.
, they have more management expertise as compared to their peers
On the other hand
, playing and staying with others develops interpersonal skills that are very useful for the later part of life.They learn together how to work together as a team
, teaching them the importance of teamwork.
For instance
, a study exhibited that people who lived in a joint family system in early childhood got finesse in communication as they interacted with multiple people and learned the art of convincing them
To conclude
, taking into account both points of view, I opine that they should taste both sides.
of following an extreme path, parents should take an intermediate way. They should be given opportunities to interact with others often yet they should be taught to live in solitude and enjoy themselves too.
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