It is important for all towns and cities to have large public spaces such as parks and squares, Do you agree or disagree with this statement?

With the increase in population, especially in big cities, many people suggest that the
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should provide public facilities
and squares.
it may take a lot of time and resources to do it, I would say that I agree with
point of view as it is good for the citizens and
the environment. There are two key benefits stemming from providing big cities with
and squares. The first is reducing air pollution. Indeed, with more trees and fewer traffic areas in the city centre, it will reduce the amount of dangerous gas and smoke in the air,
making it healthier for people to inhale.
may actually cause a healthier population as fewer people get sick because of upper respiratory tract problems.
, in the long term, it could benefit the economy of one's country as there might be less burden on health care costs.
, it may help to improve the quality of life of all citizens. Beautiful
and other public spaces can be a free recreational destination. Indeed, parents and their children can spend their free time playing in the
or just having a picnic to unwind. Allocating a sufficient amount of time to relax could improve mental health as revealed in a study, and
improves the
quality of life. In conclusion, I agree that all cities and towns should be equipped with green
and other outdoor facilities as it will improve the quality of our surroundings
as well as
our health.
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