The most important consideration when choosing any career or job is having a high income. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

One of the most crucial aspects when choosing an occupation is having a high salary.
there is some truth that people have become more care about incomes, it is not true that it is the only reason for selecting a
. It is important to have good earnings for several reasons. One of them is to enhance living standards, despite some uncomfortable issues with their current
. The more money they earn, the more happy their family members are. People with higher income may have a chance to reach any best service
as medical or entertainment.
For example
, research focusing on the wealthiest class of society, all of them have problems with their work;
, no one quit their
because of the enormous wages that help them improve their living quality.
On the other hand
, wage should not be the only thing considered when having an occupation. Working environment and career satisfaction must be paid attention to, these two aspects are essential for anyone to deeply
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to their company. If an enterprise provides its employees with both good working conditions and
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, it will have the most effectiveness in its work.
For instance
, research indicates that two-thirds of staff will stay with the company even with the low salary if the company provides them happiness when working. In conclusion, income is crucial for anybody when selecting a
, I consider being pleasurable and comfortable with their work has more positives. Rather than choosing
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high earnings unconditionally, people should choose their favourite position, working as hard as they can and the fee will increase naturally
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Topic Vocabulary:
  • financial security
  • job satisfaction
  • long-term happiness
  • personal fulfillment
  • financial stability
  • passion
  • quality of life
  • work-life balance
  • career advancement
  • societal impact
  • income disparity
  • material success
  • monetary compensation
  • wealth accumulation
  • economic well-being
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