You are moving to a new country to go to university and will need a part - time job . You have a friend who lives in that country . Write a letter to your friend . In your letter , apologise for not staying in touch explain why you're moving to this country ask your friend if he / she can help you find a job .

Dear Dolly
we shared a good friendship in school we weren't in touch for long.
, I apologize for not staying in contact with you after school.
, better late than never now life has given us an opportunity to spend plenty of time together and make more memories as I'
moving to Canada next month.
, Do you remember that during our 12th ,class I spilled-up my beans about the dream of studying abroad?
, my parents were not ready to send me to another country as they had their own good reasons. Though it took a long period of 6 months to convince them. After long and long discussions and ,effort I got an appointment with a knowledgeable education advisor who told me and my family the pros and cons of pursuing studies in developed nations like Canada.
, my loved ones agreed to send me to Canada. And to add on, the amazing part is that when they came to know about you staying there it was a relief for them for my flight to a stranger nation.
, I'
all set to meet you on your birthday bash and have a double celebration on these two occasions - my arrival and your turning 19. I'
facing a small problem because I don't know the Job system there. If you can do me a favour and find one, it would be a great help. I'
waiting to hear from you. Best regards, Geetika
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