Some people think that we learn Best through in person interaction with a teacher in a classroom. Others believe that online learning is more effective. Discuss both views and give your opinion

In today's time, education is one of the most important aspects of human life, whether they are studying online or having an interactive class.
, some people believe that face-to-face
in the class is much better and others believe that online learning has much more value. But as far as I am concerned, I believe that live
in schools and colleges is the best way to learn something new. To commence with in first notion there are myriad things to be shared.
, it is been said that the best way to learn something new is to have in-person
with the professor. To simplify when the teachers teach in the
, they can create a good environment around the child so that the student can feel comfortable and can focus more on studies.
For example
, in my ,
the ma'am takes the LIVE example to make children understand the topic which makes the lesson much easier.
, students can ask questions on the spot to the educator and can have a friendly
with them.
As a result
, undergraduate can learn a lot and can increase their communication skills by attending live lectures.
On the other hand
, during the time of COVID-19 online lectures were at their peak and more and more people started higher education online. To elaborate, in 2019, everything was shut including schools and colleges.
Due to
the pandemic. Despite
, many Universities took the decision to start everything online for Jammu, children do not have to travel to school and can sit at home and study .
For instance
, an article in the Times of India says that around 80% of students actively participated in online studies.
As a consequence
, younger children can get more free time and enjoy their childhood.
To conclude
, both views have their own positive
as well as
negative. But I strongly believe that learning in the
is much more fun than sitting at home and trying to study on the phone eventually you will not learn a single word surfing online, but you can learn good communication skills and make new friends in the
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