in many countries men and women are working full time it is therefore logical for both men and women to share their house hold tasks. to what extent do you agree or disagree?

In numerous societies,
chores are shared between spouses because both of them are working long hours. In my opinion, I wholeheartedly agree with
idea as it is essential to support each other. It is my view that what couples need is a sense of satisfaction in their
and since they have each other's support they are more likely to have a better life. Not only do they love each other more but
they learn to take care of their interaction.
, they find it simplified to talk about their daily staff as they consider a
for chatting which results in augmenting their
For example
, if a man lies in front of the TV and the woman has to do all the
at the end
of the night, that woman will be exhausted and the man will be ready for sleep.
, dividing
chores plays a vital role in the
of two people who are working full
In contrast
, some people claim that cleaning the house and related staff are the women's duties. They insist that their wives can stay at home and not work outside the house.
, I do not find
argument convincing as if spouses strive for their purposes, they will be more likely to achieve their aims in a shorter
. Doing
tasks has nothing to do with gender as in
contemporary era, women and men are equal and they have the same rights.
, people should change their attitude towards sharing
chores since they seek to achieve their goals. In conclusion, I completely agree that sharing house tasks is logical between spouses who are working full
because it is a decisive factor in reinforcing their
, they will be in the right direction in gaining their purposes as they have each other's support.
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  • - Household tasks
  • - Full-time work
  • - Logical
  • - Share
  • - Men and women
  • - Equality
  • - Gender roles
  • - Burden
  • - Teamwork
  • - Cooperation
  • - Counterargument
  • - Refutation
  • - Cultural expectations
  • - Time constraints
  • - Work-life balance
  • - Personal preferences
  • - Abilities
  • - Importance
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