‘It is important for foreigners to know something about the history and culture of the country they live in.’ Discuss. Give reasons for your answer and include any relevant examples from your own knowledge or experience.

Living in a foreign
, one should get a deeper understanding of the local historical and cultural background.
can greatly reduce the risk of making any conflict and being more involved in the
one lives in. In
essay, I will highlight my own experiences and insights of
an argument. Looking at the historical side of the view, I believe that learning about the heritage of a nation a person lives in can greatly increase social interaction with local people.
For example
, I once lived in Taiwan, an island across from China. It has carried a complex history background with China dating back to hundreds of years ago,
the contradicting political issues are still active now. I read several books to understand the past between them and often had conversations with the elder generation who actually lived in that era, eventually knowing more about their past. With
knowledge, I not only greatly prevented myself from offending others, but
felt more engaged in the society I lived in.
ignited my passion towards the land and produced countless unforgettable and brilliant memories. Upon closer examination of the cultural side, establishing the basic knowledge of the
an individual lives in means showing respect to the land.
For instance
, in
countries, most people eat with chopsticks,
, by learning how to use chopsticks, foreigners show respect for
culture and in the meantime obtain one extra skill of using a different form of tableware.
, when having noodles in Japan, residents have the habit of making
sound like sucking their teeth, representing the food is significantly delicious.
, the same kind of sound shouldn't be made in other
as Singapore.
behaviour in other
nations would be considered impolite and rude. In conclusion, combining the above experiences, it is extremely crucial to learn a
's native history and culture if staying for a long period. The reasons include avoiding some inappropriate actions in advance and gaining unexpected incredible memories.
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