In some places old age is valued,while in other cultures youth is considered more important.Dicuss both view and give your opinion

In modern nations, teenagers have a tendency to be considered extremely vital to
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the econmy
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, but elderly
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like to play an indispensable role, it is a controversial point.
writer is of the former view and will explain why during the essay. First and foremost, there is little doubt that the majority of all workforces globally are comprised of young adults and middle-aged citizens. The average working age in nearly all industries is around 30. Young
have the energy, passion, and motivation to work hard and achieve not only for the good of society but
to establish a higher standard of living for themselves and their families. It is
logical that governments should ensure younger generations have ample access to education and the resources needed to become contributing members of society. They will contribute the most in all likelihood.
youth form the
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should be prioritized.
, human progress is about more than simply utilitarian benefits. In the past, it might have been necessary for human civilization to cruelly neglect older populations when they were fighting wars and resources were scarce.
That is
no longer the situation. Most countries, even developing ones, can now afford to provide healthcare for all citizens and some degree of retirement support. By undertaking these kindnesses, humans distinguish themselves clearly from their basest and most animalistic instincts.
can be understood as the surest sign that humanity is an evolved species culturally, socially, and emotionally and trumps any materialistic concerns related to growing already mature economies. In conclusion, though there are utilitarian reasons to support youth movements, it is more important and principled to value older
is already done in some cultures but should be more widespread.

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Topic Vocabulary:
  • wisdom
  • experience
  • elders
  • authority
  • historical continuity
  • innovation
  • energy
  • adaptability
  • progress
  • modernization
  • technological advancement
  • intergenerational learning
  • cooperation
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