You bought a ticket for a music concert. You’re unable to attend the concert. You want to offer the ticket to your friend. Write a letter to give him the ticket. In your letter, Give detailed information about the concert Explain why you’re unable to attend the concert Tell him how to get the ticket

Hello Tithi, Long time, no see. I hope you are doing well. I have something exciting to offer you. Guess what? I bought a ticket to Selena Gomez's live music concert, which is happening next Friday at The Assembly Park in Vaughan and the entry will start
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7 pm. The concert is sponsored by a local committee and the money will go to donations for sick kids. Unfortunately, I won't be able to attend the event as I have an official meeting that day and my participation is necessary. So,
due to
sudden clash of events , my priority will be to attend the company meeting. I know you are a great fan of Selena, Why don't you go and enjoy the live music? See, I could have given
free voucher to anyone but I have chosen you because we are best friends and I know how you like
singer. I want to see some good pictures from the music festival. Should I email you the tickets or send the picture? Best Regards, Manu
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